DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2022 / The Battle Stakes Ecosystem is excited to announce the details regarding the official pre-sale of the $GEN token. The project was created by data scientists and security experts and has been spearheaded by Takeda Shingen. The pre-sale will occur exclusively on the project’s webpage, Battlestakes.Community and will last from October 24, 2022 10 A.M. UTC through October 31, 2022 10 A.M. UTC. The initial price of $GEN will be $10 BUSD.

The basic fundamentals of Battle Stakes are quite innovative to the crypto industry. In this protocol users are able to take the yield earned from each other while they stake the native $GEN coin. It is similar to the classic game of “chicken” to see who un-stakes first – with “diamond hands” being rewarded over those with “paper hands” in one to one matchups. Winners of these matchups or so called “battles” also receive a secondary $ARENA token for their winnings. This token can be redeemed for either additional $GEN or BUSD from the Battle Stakes ecosystem. The mechanism controlling the price of $ARENA and when it can be bought back is designed to be perpetually increasing in value. Finally, the users who battle and refer the most amount of users will be entered into the “Leaderboard”, which is essentially a $1,000 payout of stable coin to the top 50 places.

Since the founding of their online community, word of the Battle Stakes presence in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has grown rapidly – with their Discord Community growing to 5,000 members in the first 10 days. One reason for this is that they are currently running a scavenger hunt with the treasure being access to multiple wallets holding $10,000 worth of $GEN. The seed phrases of these wallets are hidden within two series of videos – one being tutorial style videos where Takeda goes over the basics of the game and dApp. The other series of videos is a cartoon series that acts as a metaphor for the early Battle Stakes user – a defi user who has been burned by sketchy projects and the bear market and is seeking haven in a new project until the markets turnaround.

This week Battle Stakes received confirmation that their contract audit has been completed and certified by Peck Shield. This means the system is secure and able to launch without needing any additional funding from investors prior to launch – something unique in the DeFi space. More information regarding the audit can be found here.

Battle Stakes is also announcing an additional Bonus Program for anyone participating in the pre-sale that is already a crypto holder in certain DeFi projects. For the people who are in protocols with high sell taxes – they will be airdropped an additional (up to) 12% of their total buy in $GEN in to their Battle Stakes account in the dApp (referred to as “The Castle”). The users coming from communities where it is more difficult to exit (nodes or staked / locked funds such as Drip) will be able to also receive a bonus- depending how much $GEN they purchase at pre-sale. The range is between 1 – 10%. Additional details regarding the program and qualifications can be found on the Battle Stakes Discord Channel as well as submitting eligibility requirements for the program

In addition to the Bonus program – Battle Stakes will be running a competition among all the pre-sale purchasers of $GEN. Each person will be able to join one of 10 “teams” when they make a $GEN purchase. At the end of the pre-sale all team purchases will be accumulated and the team with the most $GEN will receive an additional 10%. The team with the second most will receive 9% and so on until 10th place receives 1%. The teams chosen will be based upon either other current defi projects that have coins (such as Safuu) or influencers who have agreed to help promote the project.

The pre-sale will begin October 24, 2022 at 10 AM UTC and will last exactly one week, ending October 31, 2022. The price of $GEN will be 10 BUSD and it will be only available for purchase on Battlestakes. Community. For any additional information regarding the pre-sale, bonus program, or team competition – make sure to join the official Battle Stakes discord channel and to follow their official links below for any updates.

Official Links:

Website: https://battlestakes.community/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/battle_stakes
Discord: https://discord.gg/battlestakes
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpORET9fPNdBXraPge5qmA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/battle_stakes/
Medium: https://battlestakes.medium.com/
Whitepaper: https://battlestakes.gitbook.io/whitepaper/

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