PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2022 / Beedeez was founded as the world’s first mobile learning platform developed specifically to help firms grow by turning teams into learning communities and engaging them in a way that encourages long-term retention of top talent. A mix of unique technology and innovative social pedagogy, Beedeez is here to help firms overcome all the training challenges of today and tomorrow – including valuing everyone’s knowledge and making the shift towards becoming a learning organisation.

Their latest step towards achieving their goal – a transition towards a comprehensive social learning platform – is particularly important in the face of the digitalisation era, the impact of which has entailed a variety of effects. Learning faster and keeping up to date, as well as having qualitatively and quantitatively correct information, are now more critical than ever to the modern organisation, and thus efficient, accessible, fast-paced decentralised learning is vital for companies to survive the ongoing evolution.

The Beedeez story

Beedeez was founded in 2015 by four self-professed ‘learning addicts’ who saw that the world of training and education was ripe for disruption and needed a new format far removed from traditional, time-consuming, and rigid educational formats unsuited for the needs and attention spans of modern learners, such as MOOCs and e-learning. Putting their heads together, the founders set out to create a mobile-friendly learning solution optimised for short periods of time, which led to the birth of a new rhythmic, playful, and highly interactive format: the capsule, which now lies at the heart of Beedeez’ unique pedagogical philosophy.

Their approach evolved quickly, alongside an increasing need for a social aspect to the learning experience. It was a need that had become even more apparent within the last couple of years, during which millions of people around the world left their stable, full-time jobs in search of more freedom, recognition, and professional meaning, leaving thousands of companies struggling to fill the gaps. While not every company experienced this brain drain to the same degree, many noted a massive decrease in employee engagement, which can cause just as much long-term harm to an organisation as an employee choosing to quit.

Within this context, it became clear to the founders that it was already paramount not just for companies to develop the ability to share knowledge with their employees or for their employees to both retain it and apply it across every domain in which they work, but for them to create a socially stimulating model for the transmission of knowledge which would thus create a sense of meaning and professional fulfilment.

Soon after began a transition aligned with the predominant global shift towards a social model of knowledge decentralisation – a key topic in a world where each job is unique and has its own context, where the sum of the world’s knowledge doubles every 12 hours and where 85% of tomorrow’s jobs do not yet exist. Their most recent achievement is the culmination of this transition – the birth of their social learning platform.

A social approach to learning

While generally speaking, the majority of digital learning solutions answer specific needs, none before Beedeez have efficiently provided a comprehensive solution suited to specific and strategic contexts while also encompassing all digital and project steering aspects.

Centralised learning management systems, on the other hand, often failed to provide a premium mobile experience with digestible and engaging learning formats, speedy loading, and quick implementation of feedback.

Whether it is to digitise manual learning methods, improve existing digital learning methods, or smoothly blend in-person and digital learning, adaptation is key. With their new social learning model built on their capsule-centric foundation, Beedeez has successfully answered all of these use cases, transforming training into a fun and engaging experience for learners in dozens of different contexts.

In practice, the combination of Beedeez’ premium mobile learning experience, featuring native and web apps accessible 24/7, provides learners with a perfect solution adapted to their schedule. Learning managers, innovation managers, HR development managers, marketing managers, and anyone else with a skill to share can create learning content in less than 30 minutes. Plus, it’s easy to manage learners and groups, track their progress, and communicate across different learning communities on topics of interest.

Rounding off their capabilities, gamified environments, personalised learning tracks, technical integrations, content and format aggregation, content curation, and logical backend organisational capabilities make Beedeez a one-stop solution for everyone who creates and uses learning formal or informal content within any organisation.

Looking towards the future

Over time, Beedeez has evolved in line with innovations and user feedback and now presents itself as a complete learning solution perfectly adapted to the needs of all types of learners, with over 1 million licensed users across over 150 large companies to date. The most recent turning point for Beedeez was in May 2022, which marked the creation of the Social Learning Platform aimed at turning teams into learning communities with a tangible impact on growth.

Beedeez has had a successful run since they raised their initial investment from their board members, growing over the span of several years to over 40 employees without any additional fundraising. By 2025, Beedeez aims to become a household name and the global reference point for professional and personal training, with the largest learning community in the world.

In the short term, however, as they continue to help companies attract talent, uplift their employees’ capacities, retain the best people, and provide uplifting training opportunities, Beedeez plan is to continue adding new features to their social learning platform in order to enable even more social interaction and keep the momentum flowing.

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