FLOWER MOUND, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2022 / Black Bird Biotech, Inc. (OTC:BBBT), manufacturer and distributor of plant-based MiteXstreamTM biopesticide, is pleased to provide the following shareholder update.

BBBT’s President, Fabian Deneault, stated, “At the August 2022 Cannabis Conference, MiteXstreamTM seemed to be the ‘belle of the ball.’ We were pleased that so many attendees and other vendors expressed such positive comments about our game-changing product. In fact, one vendor said, ‘you’re going to put us out of business.’ We intend to do that.”

Bee Tested, Bee Safe. Mr. Deneault continued, “Over the Summer, we saw a flood of online articles and other media stories focused on the worldwide problem of pesticides killing honey bees. This Fall, our ‘Bee Tested, Bee Safe’ tagline has begun to take hold. Those media stories seem to have raised awareness of the extreme risks that traditional pesticides pose to bees. Specifically, our bee-focused approached has captured the attention of Ace Hardware® Stores in Montana and neighboring states, where MiteXstreamTM is already on the shelves or will be this coming Spring. This local success has put us in a position to be a vendor at the Q1 2023 national Ace Hardware® show.

We also continue to sell MiteXstreamTM through our Amazon® Store with good product reviews, for example:

‘Pleasantly surprised by the efficiency per cost for this. Having mite problems in my greenhouse,

and this knocked it down by about 95 percent after a week.’

Amazon sales have averaged about 120 units each month, which is certainly not a ‘wow’ moment for us. However, we have been using Amazon primarily as an online marketing test – key words, pricing, etc. With the information gathered over the past few months, we intend to be far more aggressive with an intelligent online marketing heading into next year’s growing season. We have also learned that customers like MiteXstreamTM.”

It’s all about sales and ever-expanding distribution channels; we know that; we are all about that.

Overcoming the many challenges in the current economic climate will test our company’s resolve, but we have the one thing that so many small companies do not have but crave: a foundational, game-changing product.”

Everything-But-The-Plant. “We also determined at the Cannabis Conference that there are potential acquisition opportunities within the Cannabis Industry,” said Mr. Deneault. “Our Board of Directors has approved a plan for our company to establish a cannabis-centric operating division anchored by MiteXstreamTM, which we would build through acquisitions of, or operating partnerships with, companies who operate within the cannabis industry but who do not grow cannabis. This month’s MJBizCon 2022 in Las Vegas will be our first opportunity to target opportunities. The implementation of this strategy is the primary reason behind our recent move to expand the authorized capital: shares and cash will be necessary to achieve success. And because our lenders require up to six-times debt coverage with reserved (non-usable for us) shares, an expanded number of authorized shares will provide needed flexibility that we do not have right now. That said, it is not our Board’s intention to operate a share printing press. The Board will secure value for shares.”

Executive Talent. Mr. Deneault concluded, “Our Board of Directors has instructed the company officers to conduct a search for a qualified CEO – the only caveat: the person must be passionate about MiteXstreamTM, the product, not just its commercial potential. We hope to have made progress in this search by early next year, in time for the growing season sales push.”

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About BBBT

Black Bird Biotech is positioned to exploit market segments with powerful, re-imagined biotech products. Its EPA-registered biopesticide, MiteXstreamTM, eradicates mites and similar pests, including spider mites (a lethal pest in cannabis, grapes, hops, coffee, strawberries and many other agricultural crops), and eliminates molds and mildews. MiteXstreamTM is a pesticide, but it is not a poison – it’s a pesticide re-imagined. The MiteXstreamTM Edges: it is HONEY BEE SAFE and it can be used through the day of harvest without concern for residual “pesticide” violations, including as it pertains to state cannabis testing. MiteXstreamTM is the foundational element of the company that carries vast potential worldwide as a highly effective, safe and extremely cost-effective replacement for many traditional “poisonous” pesticides.

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