BEND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2022 / E-commerce is the game-changer in online selling. But achieving success is not as simple as putting a lemonade store in front of your house on a hot summer day. Like in every business, you need to stand out to make consumers search for your brand and purchase them. Unified Brand Lab knows the ins and outs of the ecommerce ecosystem. They are the experts in the industry, with over 1 million customers purchasing dietary supplements and health products on its website.

Unified Brand Lab is the trailblazer in the e-commerce ecosystem, especially for health and wellness brands. The partners/co-founders have more than a decade of ecommerce and tech experience on their resumes. No doubt, Unified is steadily rising to the top as a difficult to beat online firm. Strategically, they operate to tap the expanding market niche for brands on dietary supplements and health products based in the US and all over the world.

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Standing beside ecommerce giants Amazon and Shopify are no easy feat. But, what sets Unified Brand Lab apart is their game plan of connecting companies related to health and wellness and getting involved in direct production to consumer marketing. Unified manages the retail e-commerce ecosystem from A to Z. All clients’ needs from customer acquisition to product sourcing and fulfillment are sure to be taken care of.

A highly essential feature in a fast-paced e-market landscape is the opportunity to get the right data and insights for maximizing revenue and gross margin. The company has created an e-Commerce ecosystem to scale brands and achieve profitability targets. Brands who work with Unified are assured of optimizing data through this in-house technology that can be used for data analysis, strategic customer acquisition, and supply chain management. It is an exclusive platform powered by the Unified’s in-house system, and it is useful in tracking, managing, and optimizing campaign profitability.

This same private technology by Unified is utilized for fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, and refund rate optimization. Data privacy is a serious and unwanted e-commerce issue that every online business must protect. On the other hand, supply chain management is also crucial fr a direct consumer marketing industry. Unified sources and supplies 100% natural, high-quality, lab-tested products that are sure to boost your ecommerce brand while mitigating risks. Their team in Unified got you covered from brand design and development, customer acquisition, technology, and financials.

Unified is also very hands-on in their customer service. Their company manages all technical operations that drive customer acquisition campaigns, including both front-end and back-end development. No margin of error is wanted in the ecommerce world; thus, Unified’s platform ensures that deliveries are timely and efficient by tracking routes and products until it reaches its final location. Data is essential for this company and the brands they work with. Thus, they have provided key performance indicators in its platforms such as conversion rates, retention rates, and lifetime value of customers. The success of your company is assured as it is evidence-based.

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Your company’s brand is well taken care of with Unified remaining unmatched in meeting industry demand through their finely tuned brand-building machine.

Many brands are available for acquisition. Visit their website to learn more about their services.


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Phone: (818) 620-6083

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