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Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller Shares Why He Invested Millions in Bitcoin

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It was the fear of missing out and the influence of fellow billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. That was what billionaire Stan Druckenmiller said influenced him to purchase BTC. In an interview with The Hustle, Druckenmiller shared tales of how he got into crypto investing.

Druckenmiller rose to prominence by founding Duquesne Capital in 1981. He managed investments for George Soros. Together, they made profits in trades against the British Pound back in 1992.

When Druckenmiller realized that BTC went from $50 to $17,000, he was astounded. He said,

In the interview, he stated that “It was going up and — even though I didn’t think much of it — I just couldn’t stand the fact that it was going up and I didn’t own it. I never owned it from like $50 to $17,000, I felt like a moron.”

Aside from these, the …

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