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Warning: America is losing its next generation of leaders, inventors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to the internet, and it’s time we pull the plug before their brains are completely trapped behind their screens.

The Communist Party of China’s most popular spyware app aimed especially at young girls — TikTok — is actually changing the minds of our children by conditioning their behavior. First, girls are spending countless hours glued to their phones, but then… these young girls are actually developing new mental disorders.

Yes, TikTok is giving girls mental problems.

According to a new report from Christina Buttons at The Post Millennial, girls spending too much time on TikTok are developing their own “functional neurological disorder[s]” — even developing “functional tics” — as a result of the content they’re watching on the app. This means that TikTok is successfully reshaping the behavior of young American girls.

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Dr. Omar Danoun, a Henry Ford Health neurologist, explains that many young girls when watching someone with uncontrolled tics or behaviors — such as seizures — will themselves mimic that behavior as a coping mechanism to the tragedy they’re persistently encountering.

But I don’t need to be a doctor to understand simple reality. I’m a mother, and it’s obvious to me that my son lives his best life when he isn’t glued to his phone playing video games, scrolling through social media, or watching YouTube videos.

Don’t we all know this on a natural level? Who among us is happier after having spent hours on our phones? The answer: nobody.

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