Thanksgiving is here, and you and your loved ones might make traditional holiday favorites like turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  

But Thanksgiving can also prompt disagreements about holiday classics. Is it stuffing or dressing? Are sweet potatoes better with or without marshmallows? Should your friends and family make pumpkin pie, pecan pie or other treats?  

Whatever you choose as your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you might not be alone. Google shared a list of uniquely searched casseroles by state with USA TODAY. The list shows dishes that were over-represented in a state versus the country as a whole. It included searches from Nov. 12 to Nov. 18.  

Green bean or string bean casseroles were favorites across the country, but many states also showed interest in corn, broccoli and potato dishes. Illinois, Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin all chose cheesy options. And sweet potato, yam and butternut squash dishes were popular picks, but Nebraska was the only state that included marshmallows.  

Check out your state’s uniquely searched Thanksgiving casserole below.  

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