The Department of Justice took action on fake Trump electors in multiple states with a wave of new subpoenas.

The Washington Post reported:

Agents conducted court authorized law enforcement activity Wednesday morning at two locations, FBI officials confirmed to The Washington Post. One was the home of Brad Carver, a Georgia lawyer who allegedly signed a document claiming to be a Trump elector. The other was the Virginia home of Thomas Lane, who worked on the Trump campaign’s efforts in Arizona and New Mexico. The FBI officials did not identify the people associated with those addresses, but public records list each of the locations as the home addresses of the men.

Separately, at least some of the would-be Trump electors in Michigan also received subpoenas on Wednesday, according to a person who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. But it was not immediately clear whether that activity was related to a federal probe or a state-level criminal inquiry.

The DOJ is coming after the Trump fake electors. The subpoenas are a sign that the investigation is progressing, as the Justice Department is also investigating the role of Trump’s campaign lawyers in the scheme.

With the nation focused on the 1/6 Committee hearings, the Justice Department continues to grind forward and work toward bringing those who broke the law to justice.