Fox News contributors  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and Glenn Greenwald have been named Russian propagandists by Ukraine.

Tulsi Gabbard And Glenn Greenwald Are Both High Profile Fox News Contributors

Many of the Americans on the full list of Russian propagandists have something else in common. They are both Fox News contributors who appear frequently on the network’s highest-rated programs. Douglas Macgregor is Fox News’s expert on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fox News is the mechanism for Russian propaganda dissemination in the United States.

The list doesn’t even include Tucker Carlson, but someday, he could easily find himself there.

The American right has been upset by the Ukrainian disinformation project since it began. The Ukrainians are naming names and calling out those who are pushing Putin’s propaganda.

Donald Trump gave Putin a mouthpiece in the most powerful office in the world, but Fox News continues to spread Putin’s disinformation on a nightly basis.

Fox News is the megaphone that keeps America dividing by doing Putin’s dirty work, and Ukraine is calling out the Russian dictator’s foot soldiers on Fox.