Fox News was trying to push border hysteria in a segment, but one of the guests who lives on the Texas border said she was not worried about immigration, but the wave of migrants coming across the border isn’t happening.


Texas voter Victoria Lopez said on Fox News, “We don’t see the influx of immigrants that is being said across the country. We have local law enforcement. We have confidence in our local US Border Patrol. Right now, we have a National Guard that’s stationed right here in our town. They’re taking care of it.”

The Fox anchor interrupted her and asked Lopez if she was worried about drug cartels moving Fentanyl across the border because the water level on the lake is low. She answered, “That is actually a problem we’ve always had.”

The Republican border hysteria is nonsense. It is a racist dog whistle talking point that is used to get GOP voters out to the polls. The US southern border is not being overwhelmed with migrants as Republicans and Fox News claim.  In fact, the Biden administration announced progress in deterring Venezuelan migrants from coming to the United States, but the idea that the border issues are the same as they have always been in the recent past doesn’t fit the Fox News narrative, and the network clearly did not know what to do with the facts.