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There’s gaslighting on all levels going on currently. We are being gaslighted by the media, the medical industry, doctors, politicians. We are being gaslighted.

Why brutal Covid lockdowns and addictions to TikTok are driving mystery illnesses in teenage Aussie girls – as parents fear the worst over uncontrollable ‘tics’

  • Girls across the world suffering from mystery neurological illness
  • Tourette’s syndrome-like condition forming mostly in young women
  • Tics include violent physical and verbal outbursts that are uncontrollable
  • Experts believe the disorder is linked to pandemic stress and social media use 

Young women around Australia are being struck down by a mystery neurological illness – with experts fearing social media addiction and pandemic stress is triggering the problem.

The Tourette’s syndrome-like disorder is seeing teenagers suffering from incontrollable ‘tics’ – which include outbursts, twitching, pops, noises, swearing, kicking and hitting.

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Doctors are also witnessing the phenomenon across the globe where previously healthy young women have reported suddenly coming down with violent physical and verbal impulses.

But what’s causing the rapid increase in cases has parents and medical authorities baffled.

One possible explanation is that anxiety and stress stemming from extended periods of isolation coupled with obsessions for apps like TikTok, may have been the catalyst.

‘This bright, spunky, fiercely independent young girl just trapped in her own body, in her own head. It’s really hard to watch,’ Melissa told 60 Minutes of her daughter Metallyka – before the teen slaps her mother.

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