Herschel Walker said that he would put his resume up against Obama’s resume after the former president questioned his qualifications for the US Senate.

Video of Walker:

Walker said in response to Obama, “My resume against his resume. I’ll put it up any time of the day. I think I’ve done well. One of the things that I say to the people is that he’s not in Georgia voting.”

Herschel Walker then went into his usual about Raphael Warnock being responsible for every single thing that is wrong in Georgia while he promised to lower taxes, secure the border, and get men out of women’s sports.

The difference between Obama’s and Walker’s resumes is that Obama’s is real, and Walker’s only exists in his imagination.

Herschel Walker can’t hold a candle to Barack Obama, and the fact that Walker would elevate himself to Obama’s level is some serious delusion.

No credible poll shows Herschel Walker leading in Georgia, but Sen. Warnock polls at a tick under 50%. Warnock needs to defeat Walker by more than 50% to avoid a runoff.

The Georgia Senate race might go to a runoff, but it is very likely that Herschel Walker will not beat Warnock on election day.