Residents in a gated community near Naples, Florida, were treated to more than just a backyard barbecue on Father’s Day, with several witnesses spotting a black bear casually strolling through their yards and sniffing around. 

Bystander videos made the rounds on social media throughout Sunday and Monday, with footage showing the animal going from lawn to lawn. At one point the bear is seen waltzing near a resident’s garage and breezing past the cars before making its way to the front lawn. Local Florida television stations ran footage of the incident Monday night.

One onlooker, poking fun at the community being gated and exclusive, quipped on his footage, “Do you know what address you’re going to? Do you have a guest pass?” Another witness could be heard yelling, “hey buddy!”

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission warned Florida community members of making precautious steps in case of a potentially dangerous encounter with a bear, namely related to keeping garbage cans bare. According to the Miami Herald, Florida black bears’ habitats have been reduced due to overdevelopment and prompted a wide-array of recent sightings. 

No one was threatened by the bear on Sunday, but the size of the animal startled residents. Resident Vanessa Walker told WINK News in Fort Myers of the bear: “We were just pulling in from church from First Naples, and all of a sudden, I just look and this huge bear is coming out from between two houses. It was humongous. I immediately knew it was a bear, and it was not stopping.”