Hurricane Fiona has brought devastation to the people of Puerto Rico, and advocates are stressing the need for on-the-ground aid and resources.

The now Category 3 storm grew more powerful Tuesday as it rolled past Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic after pounding the islands with up to 30 inches of rain, triggering overwhelming flooding and leaving much in ruin. Three deaths have been reported.

As of Tuesday, more than 80% of Puerto Rico remained without power – more than 24 hours after the storm shut down the island’s entire electrical system. There’s no running water in more than 100,000 homes and businesses. The Dominican Republic is still assessing damage.

The National Weather Service warned of “catastrophic and life-threatening” flooding and mudslides in southern and eastern Puerto Rico on Tuesday, and more heavy rain was forecast through the week. Conditions were not expected to significantly improve.

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On Sunday, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico, authorizing the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief. On Monday, the president promised to increase aid in the coming days.

Beyond that aid, advocates stress the importance of supporting local organizations and grassroots aid groups providing on-the-ground relief. Multiple organizations are providing crucial aid for residents, including solar lights, generators, supplies and food.

To help Puerto Ricans and others in the Caribbean recover, here’s a list of nonprofits and mutual aid funds you can support.


PRxPR is a disaster relief fund that has ben focused on rebuilding Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017. The organization is collecting money for short- and long-term humanitarian needs. You can donate here.

Taller Salud

Taller Salud is a community-based, women-led nonprofit that’s also collecting aid for hurricane relief – including donations of items like toiletries, water filters and nonperishable foods. Donate with PayPal or on Taller Salud’s website.