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he Ministry of Truth is doing its best to control the narrative on behalf of the failing White House, and it’s chilling to watch the thought police regulate the exchange of ideas in real-time.

As reported by Post Millennial correspondent and TPUSA Ambassador Katie Daviscourt, Facebook ran interference for President Biden’s failing economic agenda by slapping a “fact-check” on one of the nation’s most accomplished US economists.

Not mincing words, Phil Magness, the senior faculty member and Director of Research and Education at the American Institute for Economic Research, tweeted bluntly that a recession is defined as two quarters of negative GDP growth.

This is unpermitted speech, according to the Ministry of Truth, and decided to flag his tweet with a disclaimer. Magness was not about to take that without raising his voice even louder, however, and delivered one of the greatest responses to online censorship I’ve seen recently.

“We live in an Orwellian hell-scape,” Magness retorted. “Facebook is now ‘fact-checking’ anyone who questions the White House’s word games.” I’m going to have to incorporate “hell-scape” into more of my everyday conversation because — if I’m being honest — it’s probably the best way to describe much of the state of our economy, national security, foreign policy, energy supply, stock market… you get the picture.

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Also, Magness’ response is exactly the kind of reaction every American should have — conservative or liberal. Your ideas deserve debate, because good ideas deserve attention. Simply turning off your microphone or banning your tweets or social media accounts completely destroys the dignity that your ideas warrant in a serious society. You should not censor your ideas for fear of backlash, and certainly nobody should be entitled to do so on your behalf against your will.

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