Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) aimed at Republicans for blocking $35 insulin and vowed that, unlike Oz, he would fight Big Pharma.

Fetterman said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Dr. Oz and his Republican friends in Washington want you to pay outrageous prices for lifesaving medications, like insulin. No one should have to ration the medication they need to survive.

Insulin should be capped at $35 for everyone. Republicans just blocked that from becoming a reality.

Dr. Oz won’t stand up to Big Pharma because he’s not only palled around with them and promoted their products on his shows, he’s also invested in the companies that are raking in billions while helping drive up costs and force families to ration insulin. When Oz’s Pharma CEO buddies make more cash, he makes more cash.

Dr. Oz doesn’t give a shit about the working people struggling to get by, he only cares about himself and his rich friends. Unlike Oz, I WILL stand up to Big Pharma and fight to bring down the cost of insulin for everyone.

Fetterman was correct. Senate Republicans are the reason why there is no $35 cap on the price of insulin for people who have private insurance. For people on Medicare and Medicaid, the cap will apply, but Republicans made sure that the bulk insured Americans will not get a break on the price of insulin.

Oz has a conflict of interest because he is invested in and works with Big Pharma, so he will never put the American people first and work to lower the price of prescription drugs.

Democrats not only got this piece of historic legislation through the Senate, and John Fetterman demonstrated how Democrats should use the insulin issue to hammer Republicans.