LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2022 / The new Christian movie ‘Journey to Hell’ scorched the box offices in Honolulu, Phoenix, Denver, and Colorado Springs to be in the top three of all movies in those cities and was number one in many theaters.

The film hits new cities in Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles/OC and others on October 7, 2022.

“It was incredible,” said a spokesperson for the Christian studio, “as so many people said it caused them to repent and get real with God. One pastor told us his entire youth group were in tears and made phone calls to people asking forgiveness for their wrongs after they watched the movie.”

The film has been flying under the radar so far, yet bringing many people to Christ in the cities it’s been shown in.

“We know it’s God all the way,” says the director Tim Chey. “The miracles we’ve seen have been profound. Hell is not an easy subject and many people I’ve spoken to don’t realize that hell is a real place. They scoff and mock at the subject, but it doesn’t change that fact.”

Many pastors support the film. “There is no fear of God anymore,” said one pastor of a well-known church. “And churches are afraid hell will scare people away. But it must be taught and it’s uplifting if you know you’re saved and don’t have to go there.”

“The film is super uplifting in the end,” says Chey laughing when told of the subject scaring people away. “When you realize you are truly born-again, there is nothing on this earth that is more satisfying than to be saved without a doubt.”

How can one be saved without a doubt?

Chey answers by saying, “I think it was Leonard Ravenhill who said, ‘I doubt if 5% of professing Christians in America are born again’ and he may be right.”

Chey continues, “You can tell a true born-again Christian as they’re deeply troubled and convicted by sin. They put Jesus first in everything. Jesus is not an after-thought with them. He’s not a hobby or a political wing of a party. I see a lot of fake Christians attacking others on Youtube and the internet and their viciousness and worldliness is astounding. They will be in for a rude awakening when they die and it’s very sad and sobering.”

The film, according to many who’ve seen it, has been life-changing and got them back on track with a real relationship with Jesus.

“Journey to Hell’ hits theaters in LA/OC, Houston, Las Vegas and other cities on October 7, 2022.

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