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by Chris Black


The FED can’t raise.

The FED can’t tighten.


Hold my beer and watch this!

The Fed had the ammo to fight this fight in the 1970s when the debt load was much lower and the tolerance for elevated interest rates much higher.

But even back then it was no piece of cake, with 2 recessions back-to-back in the early 1980s.

We can’t repeat what we did in the 1970s to vanquish inflation.  Heck, we won’t even get to 5% on the Fed Funds Rate before it’s all unwound.

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Just remember boys and girls, 6 months from now we’ll look back at this as the good old days. That is those of us not in a Biden Gulag.

Everyone should watch Putin’s speech from today…. he actually tells the truth about money printing and inflation.

The petrodollar is dead folks.

What is this? Controlled demolition of America?

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