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NASA gears up to deflect asteroid, in key test of planetary defense Deccan Herald

Care from afar Aeon

Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery Cornell Chronicle

Barbados Issues World’s First Pandemic-Protected Bond The St Kitts and Nevis Observer

The Great Lithium Squeeze: Elements by Clara Ferreira Marques Bloomberg

Kia and Hyundai Are Being Sued Because Viral TikToks Showed How Easy It Is to Steal Their Cars Vice

Rattling the Cage The Baffler

The Other Problems With Bringing African Cheetahs to India The Wire


Humans are dosing Earth’s waterways with medicines. It isn’t healthy. Mongabay

Where the Colorado River crisis is hitting home NPR (DL)

Federal authorities charge 48 people in Feeding Our Future investigation—allegedly ‘largest pandemic fraud in the United States.’ Sahan Journal


Taiwanese independence is a charging rhino that must be stopped, says China The Straits Times

China ready for ‘fight’ over international action on Xinjiang human rights abuses The Guardian

China’s Water Crisis Could Scramble the Global Economic Outlook Barron’s

U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea as warning to North Reuters

South Korean leader’s hot mic criticism of US goes viral The Manila Times

A UN-backed tribunal on Khmer Rouge crimes just confirmed the conviction of key leader Khieu Samphan. What now? The Conversation


Why India Is Suddenly Buying Less Russian Crude OilPrice

Communal Virus Injected into Diaspora, and the Culture is Growing The Wire


U.K. Could Move Embassy to Jerusalem, Truss Tells Lapid Haaretz

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid calls for two-state solution, Palestinians say United Nations speech ‘means nothing’ ABC (Australia)

The Most Stinging Resignation Letter Ever Written The Atlantic

US: Dozens of lawmakers renew push to halt Iran nuclear deal Middle East Eye (KW)

At least 9 killed in Iran as protests over woman’s killing by morality police spread PBS

Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Morality Police and Senior Security Officials for Violence Against Protesters and the Death of Mahsa Amini OFAC

Iranian President Warns against NATO Expansion As Threat to Independent States Fars

Norm Coleman Oversees GOP Congressional War Chest, Then Lobbies on Saudi Arabia’s Behalf The Intercept

Old Blighty

UK in recession, says Bank of England as it raises interest rates to 2.25% The Guardian

‘Gatekeeper’ to combat companies fraud The Times

British Farmers Consider Moving Production to Morocco Amid Rising Costs Morocco World News

First hearing in Lachlan Murdoch and Crikey defamation case Crikey

European Disunion

Capacity fears as APMT shelves Maasvlakte II expansion due to rising costs The Loadstar

EU approves up to $5.2 billion in public funding for hydrogen projects CNBC

Hungary to poll public on support for EU sanctions on Russia AP

German Police Raid Residence of Russian Oligarch Alisher Usmanov; Tax Evasion and Money Laundering Suspected OCCRP

The Devils and Ukraine CounterPunch

New Not-So-Cold War

Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson regions to vote on accession to Russia TASS

Russia can defend new regions with nuclear weapons: Medvedev Al Jazeera

Ukraine: Azovstal commanders among 215 soldiers released in prisoner exchange with Russia

Yale Report: Approximately 1 in 6 Ukrainian crop storage sites impacted by war Yale News

Acquisition of Apaches, other US materiel to make Poland formidable on NATO flank, envoy says Stars and Stripes

Putin pushed by Russians, media into war – Berlusconi ANSA

‘Cyprus will take part in international response to Russia’, Lavrov meeting cancelled Cyprus Mail

Keynote address by President von der Leyen at Princeton University European Commission

Estonia wants to end Russian energy trade, commerce and finance dialed back ERR

Germany broadens crude import horizons as Russian flows dry up Hellenic Shipping News

Turkish lender Işbank suspends use of Russia’s Mir payment system Daily Sabah


N.Y. Attorney General Accuses Trump of ‘Staggering’ Fraud in Lawsuit NYT

Inside California’s pot legalization failures: Corporate influence, ignored warnings LA Times

New US company owner database ‘taking way too long’ to implement, experts warn ICIJ

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Postal Service surveilled protesters with pro-gun, anti-Biden agendas Washington Times

Imperial Collapse Watch

How France aims to streamline, simplify arms and ammo acquisition BreakingDefense

‘Fat Leonard,’ a fugitive in a massive Navy bribery case, has been caught in Venezuela NPR

Turkiye delivers drones to UAE as Gulf States seek to counter Iran Middle East Monitor

Raytheon Beats Lockheed, Boeing for $1 Billion Hypersonic Cruise Missile Bloomberg

Romania Looks Set to Be First European Country to Buy Israel’s Iron Dome Haaretz

Social media and influencers key to military recruitment of young people, defense officials say Stars and Stripes

L’affaire Martha’s Vineyard

Florida migrant-moving company gave GOP cash, has ties to DeSantis’ immigration ‘czar’ and Rep. Matt Gaetz NBC

Class Warfare

“You Strike So You Don’t Quit”: Across the Country, Nurses Are Fighting Overwork The Nation

The White House intervention to block rail strike and the political issues confronting railroad workers WSWS

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