It is shocking that a plan that appears absurd on its face was so aggressively pushed throughout the nation, speaking, of course, of the alternate electors’ scheme. But, of course, nowhere more so than the close states that determined the election, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and – of course, Georgia. This morning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Marjorie Taylor-Greene and, to a less-extent, Ted Cruz descended upon then Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler in an effort to get her to join Trump’s fake elector scheme.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A month before the conservative firebrand was sworn into the U.S. House, Greene asked Loeffler to talk “about a plan we are developing on how to vote on the electoral college votes on Jan 6th.”

“I need a Senator!” Greene wrote on Dec. 2, 2020, “And I think this is a major help for you to win on the 5th!!”

Less than three weeks later, on Dec. 20, Greene invited Loeffler to a White House meeting the following day that she said she organized with Trump, his legal team and members of Congress “who are going to challenge the electoral college votes for Joe Biden in several key states on January 6th.”

This is, of course, the heart of the alternate electors’ conspiracy, and it places Marjorie Taylor Greene front and center where she has been all along. It was just two nights ago that MTG claimed that her [ex] husband had “proof” that the election was stolen. We have also known for years that MTG was deeply involved early on in the scheme. This is a woman who hadn’t even been sworn into Congress yet. Most presidents have not even heard of incoming freshman Congresspeople, and yet:

The Journal-Constitution goes on to lay out emails showing the intense pressure put upon Loefller as the Senator from Georgia, including one from Ted Cruz. The entire article is worth a read to appreciate that we were that much closer to having the Senator from Georgia, one close friend of Brad Raffensperger (Secretary of state),  join calls to throw out Georgia votes. Fittingly, those very accusations likely played a role in Loeffler losing in the runoff later in January.

Also telling is that a Congresswoman-elect, one that had never served a day in Congress, was the point person in key states for the last shot at keeping Trump in the presidency. How odd!