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Keep in mind, this is the same city where they make teachers buy their own supplies for their classrooms. But give 200k to some freaks in dresses with their balls flopping out to groom children.

City data reportedly shows that non-profit organization Drag Story Hour NYC (formerly known as Drag Queen Story Hour NYC) received $207,000 in taxpayer funds since 2018. Contributions include $50,000 from New York State’s Council on the Arts and $157,000 from New York City’s Departments of Education, Cultural Affairs, Youth, and Community Development, and as well as the NYC Department of Transportation, The New York Post reported.

Since January, Drag Story Hour NYC has reportedly put on 49 drag shows in 34 public schools throughout the city. Records show the nonprofit organization, which has performed for children as young as three years old, raked in $46,000 just last month from city contracts to perform at “public schools, street festivals, and libraries,” the Post reported.

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