CINCINNATI – An Ohio man accused of pretending to be a Ghanaian prince in order to defraud investors between 2014 and 2020 in a complicated business scheme is now facing two decades in prison after he was convicted by a federal jury Friday.

Daryl Harrison, 44, was convicted on 10 charges following a 10-day trial, including wire fraud, witness tampering, mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

The Dayton, Ohio man was found responsible for defrauding investors for the church he ran with his stepfather by claiming to be a prince from Ghana. According to prosecutors, Harrison told investors he had direct connections with companies in the African nation and could get them an investment return of 28% to 33%.

At the time of his May 2020 indictment, he was accused of defrauding 14 investors who collectively provided him with over $800,000.

The indictment says Harrison and his stepfather, Robert Shelly Harrison, said they were religious ministers affiliated with a nonprofit limited liability company, Power House of Prayer Ministries, founded by his stepfather. They held services throughout Dayton and Southwest Ohio, as well as in Parker, Colorado.

Using an alias, Harrison solicited investors to pay into what he claimed to be African trucking operations and diamond mining enterprises. He reportedly withdrew thousands of dollars from the church’s bank accounts within days of receiving investments.

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Harrison and his stepfather then used the money to enrich themselves and fund items like cars, airplane tickets, hotel rooms, a rental in Colorado and more, prosecutors say.

Harrison faces up to 20 years in prison. A sentencing date has not been set.

His stepfather, Robert Harrison, is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. His jury trial is set for Dec. 5.