Snowfall will be measured in feet, not inches, around Buffalo, New York, over the next few days as a potentially historic lake-effect snowstorm wallops the western part of the state.

  • Serious warnings: Even the normally staid National Weather Service described the upcoming storm as “paralyzing.”
  • Travel will be difficult to impossible, according to the weather service, which advises people to have an emergency kit in their vehicles before venturing out. 
  • How to prepare: Officials are urging people to have enough food and water for the long-duration event and to stay off the roads once the storm starts, AccuWeather said.
  • Winds won’t help: Winds gusting up to 35 mph will add to the wintry misery.  

In addition to western New York, lake-effect snow is likely over the next few days in western and Upper Michigan, northern Indiana, northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania, said.

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How much snow will fall in Buffalo?

While the weather service said up to 4 feet was possible in some areas, AccuWeather said an incredible 6 feet of snow was not outside the realm of possibility.

“Buffalo and its southern suburbs may receive as much as 3 to 6 feet of snow by Sunday,” AccuWeather meteorologist Matt Benz said, adding that the heaviest snow may fall over two stretches – Thursday night into Friday and Saturday into Saturday night. “These two periods will likely feature the worst conditions of this event.”

Snow could fall at rates of up to 4 inches an hour, AccuWeather said. The storm also could bring what’s known as thundersnow, a thunderstorm that produces snow instead of rain, forecasters warned.

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The weather service has issued a Lake Effect Snow Warning for the Buffalo area on Wednesday. It will stay in effect through the weekend.

The area includes Orchard Park, New York, where the Buffalo Bills are scheduled to play the Cleveland Browns Sunday afternoon in what could be a classic NFL snow game.