The man who tried to attack Nancy Pelosi and did violently attack her husband, Paul Pelosi posted Qanon-type Pizzagate conspiracy theories.


MSNBC reported when asked about the suspect’s postings about politics or political figures, “He mentions being black pilled and being against — talking about the coverup of pedophilia and stuff like Pizzagate style things. It’s clear where this is leaning so far.”

Far-right conspiracy theories radicalized the attacker, it appears. This fact makes it clear where this is probably going.

Political radicalization in the United States is a one-way street. Rachel Maddow viewers aren’t being radicalized and showing up at Kevin McCarthy’s house.

Only the Republican Party has a media and an eco-system that is being fueled by Trump and radicalizing the far-right to the point of violence.

The Capitol attack was not a one-off incident.

1/6 was the normalization of violence as a political act by Donald Trump and his supporters.

The reported attempted assassination against Nancy Pelosi was an act of political terrorism.

Until media and political leaders look the situation in the eye and deal with the reality and threat of radicalization and political violence, the attack at the Pelosi home will be another step toward tragedy.