LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2022 / Planet Hermit, a digital community and resource for those seeking guidance on their spiritual journeys, will be expanding their services in tandem with the arrival of Fall. The Hermit’s Apothecary, an online shop and forum providing actionable solutions that directly impact this audience, will be welcoming new body bars, washes, oils and custards in the coming weeks to invite balance into our routines, uniting mind, body, and spirit through self-care. Members of the Planet Hermit community can tap into their introspective network experiencing a wholesome group of like-minded individuals keen on healing in various shapes and forms.

Their services include individual divination sessions, skin care and self-care products, personalized printed artwork with optimistic messages, an immersive community forum, and a complete consultation to gather the ingredients necessary for personal growth. Planet Hermit brings spiritual practice and insightful teachings to the commercial space, making the quest for knowledge more accessible through community and personal growth.

Planet Hermit wants to provide services to those interested in philosophy, healing the mind, body, and spirit, better skincare services, and being embraced by open-minded free thinkers. The company’s mission is to inspire others to heal and open themselves up to broader perspectives in life. Planet Hermit wants to change how people experience spirituality through healing and helping them open up to new philosophies, concepts, and ways of experiencing the layers of reality. Planet Hermit caters to those who are going through intense passion and life experiences. The Planet Hermit audience welcomes members with open arms. It provides a friendly touch of life in each product sold in The Hermit’s Apothecary. For example, skincare products are crafted from the source. The Hermit’s Apothecary uses unique ingredients that target harmful skin bacteria to encourage healthy skin growth.

Created in New Jersey in 2020, Planet Hermit supports the truth seekers and perspective shifters who need it the most. We all encounter challenges in the day-to-day, and Planet Hermit serves as a starting point for individuals looking to expand their minds and support their bodies. Planet Hermit wants to get to the roots and work with clients to gain a foundational understanding of one’s internal self. As the world continues to advance and mangle the pure essence of humanity, people must learn to sustain and live healthy, conscious lives. Planet Hermit is but one solution for taking action in your journey, and supporters that connect with Planet Hermit experience empathy through their community.

The Hermit’s Apothecary is a one-stop shop for all things spiritual growth. Intuitive reading services assist clients from a psychoanalytical angle using transcendental psychology, practiced by Jermayne, the founder and sole owner of Planet Hermit. The process is intimate and consists of an authentic assortment of tarot and oracle cards. Readings are, after all, a spiritual conversation between the hermit and the individual seeking spiritual understanding, so the process should get into the nitty gritty. Individuals who use the divination services experience an immersive journey that provides results. In addition, the skin care services The Hermit’s Apothecary offers include the same practices as their other services for the same impactful drive that leads people to live their best spiritual lives.

The trajectory of spiritual practices is increasing exponentially in the United States, and for a good reason. What seemed to be a niche hobby for some is now expanding into a widespread solution that can help people. Planet Hermit is an emerging company in the space, and by using a wholesome approach to spirituality, this innovative shop plans to normalize spiritual practices for all. For support in all individual components of life, including hair growth, penetrating skin care, or spiritual redemption, consult Planet Hermit for the next stage in your awakening.


Founded in 2020, The Hermit’s Apothecary is a way to extend the healing works and knowledge of Planet Hermit, an online resource for healing and personal growth. The company’s platform provides clients with tools needed to advance their understanding of the world, including skin care, divination services, and a thriving online community.


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