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A grassroots movement to get involved in the Republican party in an Arkansas county has been met with resistance from established seat holders who have argued that the process by which the new members won their seats wasn’t valid.

After 71 people voted out the current chair and delegate seats of the Pulaski County Republican Committee (PCRC) last month in Little Rock, Arkansas, state delegates at the Republican Party of Arkansas’ (RPA) state convention on Saturday voted in favor of the Republicans’ Credentials Committee’s decision to disqualify the new delegates for reasons those new delegates say are untrue. . . .

Justice told The Epoch Times that the purpose of hers and the groups’ decision to get involved was in response to a sense of activism that was stirred in the wake of a national climate that she said appears to have “spiraled out of control.”

“There was how COVID was handled, to the stolen election, and now we have inflation, and it’s really spurring people to get involved locally,” Justice said. “We can’t change anything in Washington, but we can make changes here in our own backyard.”

However, from the beginning, the established Republicans in the county put up a wall, Justice said.

“The attitude was very poor,” she said. “We were clearly not wanted in the Republican party, and they weren’t even trying to hide it.”

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