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Sean Hannity accused President Biden and NATO Tuesday of being imitated by Vladimir Putin’s threats of nuclear, chemical or biological warfare. 

SEAN HANNITY: Vladimir Putin’s invasion is not going as planned. Now many Western officials fear the worst, including potential biological and chemical weapons attacks. Vladimir Putin keeps making nuclear threats, chemical weapons threats, bioweapon threats. Joe Biden and all of our NATO allies need to stop cowering at the words of Vladimir Putin. He makes a threat and you bubble and fizz is like Alka-Seltzer in water. In other words you are being intimidated, you are allowing yourself to be intimidated. Acting and looking kind of gutless. Lead all of our allies, Joey, and strongly tell Putin that you and all of our allies are united. If he does cross that line and there is a nuclear attack, he will be met with a response ten times worse for him. Do we want that? Of course, we don’t want that. His troops and Russia will then be in the crosshairs if he crosses that line where NATO nations are impacted. Whatever you say it, you need to do. 

Vladimir Putin is backed in a corner, he’s been embarrassed on the world stage. He’s anxious, clearly paranoid, angry, God only knows what he’ll do next. He has had no problem killing innocent men, women and children. By the way, NATO – not only the U.S., not the U.S. alone – they need to spell out what the immediate consequences will be because those weapons of war would trigger article five of the NATO alliance.

Putin’s soldiers have already leveled entire towns, blown up women and children’s hospitals. They bombed playgrounds, schools, shot peaceful protesters in the light of day, shot Ukrainians waiting in a bread line and use cluster bombs and hypersonic weapons to show off to the world as well. The U.S. embassy in Kyiv is accusing Russia of kidnappings over 2,000 Ukrainian children and shipping them across the border into Russia. So ask yourself what is stopping Putin from escalating this war even further with chemical or biological weapons? I hope he doesn’t, but here’s the question. Is the West, is NATO, is Joe ready to respond if he does? Do you have confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to respond appropriately? Because I don’t. 

This article was written by Fox News staff.