Senate Republicans killed the cap for the cost of insulin on private insurance plans and just gave Democrats another major issue for the midterm election.

I wrote on Saturday that the insulin price cap would be decided on the Senate floor, and as expected Republicans appealed the private insurance price cap to the parliamentarian, who decided that it violated the reconciliation agreement, so it had to be passed with 60, and the amendment fell three votes short.

The vote:

In layman’s terms:

The good news is that the insulin price cap remains for people on Medicare/Medicaid, but for millions of Americans who depend on insulin and are either paying out of pocket or having a high co-pay passed on to them, Senate Republicans just made sure that Big Pharma will still profit off their need for daily life-saving medication.

The ads virtually write themselves for Democrats, as this is another stupid self-inflicted wound for Senate Republicans who seem determined to blow any chance that they once had of taking back the Senate majority.

Republicans don’t want you to be able to afford your medicine is the sort of election pitch that will help Democrats expand their Senate majority in November.