Police in New Mexico said an SUV drove through a Native American celebrationThursday, injuring 15 people along a parade route crowded with families.

Two police officers were among those hurt and at least one person – the driver of the SUV – was arrested in connection with the crash, New Mexico State Police reported.

The incident took place in Gallup, a city of about 22,000 along historic Route 66 about 140 miles northwest of Albuquerque near the Arizona border.

No fatalities were reported. Officials said those injured were transported to local hospitals with moderate but not life-threatening injuries.

Videos taken by people who had come to see the parade show the large brown vehicle speeding down a main street in the city, against the direction of the parade.

Children performing traditional dances appear to have been among the first to see it rushing toward them. They can be seen running to the side as people scream and families scramble to get out of the way.

The vehicle then swerved onto a side street and pulled into a parking spot before trying to pull out again, hitting a police car. Officers then converged on the vehicle, pulling at least two people out and handcuffing them on the pavement.

SUV driver arrested in Gallup incident

New Mexico State police is handling the crash investigation, the department said in a post on Twitter, which added that the driver of the SUV was in custody.

“Multiple people, including two Gallup PD officers, injured and are being treated on scene,” state police wrote in the tweet.

Gallup police were notified at about 7:50 p.m. that several people were consuming alcohol in a beige Chevrolet Tahoe parked along the parade route.