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by Chris Black

The entire global exercise market for stationary bikes is $180 million a year, including every home, gym, and school in the world, with 85% of that being bikes under $1000.

Valuing Peloton over a few million was always insane (Tesla is also MASSIVELY overpriced).

Peloton was a stock scam since day one. They had commercials before they even manufactured a product.

They put stores in malls where you could order a bike, but not take one home.

Wall Street scammed the IPO, and the company would have dumped to zero, but Covid came along and gave another opportunity to scam shares higher.

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There was this idea that Peloton would become another Lululemon.

It already was a total scam just like Lulu, so it didn’t have to become anything.

Does anyone honestly believe every Lulu store moves $50k a day in merchandise?

Based on stated revenue, that is the case. That is a lot of yoga pants to move.

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