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In a nutshell, the WHO wants:

total control over the world’s pandemic response
to distribute medicine on a basis of “equity”
to censor any “disinformation” that doesn’t agree with what they say
have real-time information about when/where YOU travel. You know, for the “health security of the world, comrade”
That means unelected officials from other countries will have a ridiculous amount of power over Americans. There is no apparent accountability. I think the word for this is “communism.” Can it REALLY happen? Buckle up.

President Trump removed the U.S. from the WHO and Gropey Joe brought us back in
The WHO lied and ran cover for China during the “pandemic.” China claimed COVID couldn’t be transmitted from human to human. The WHO backed up that lie.

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WHO will have the power to “develop standards for producing a digital version of the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis.” This means that something the “tinfoil wackjobs” have been warning us about could very well become a reality, the beginning of a New World Order.

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