The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah suggested that the person close to Trump who ratted him out was Trump.


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Noah said, “Before MAGA world tears itself apart trying to figure out who’s the rat, I think you all could consider the fact Trump could be the leak because if there’s one thing we’ve learned is he’s the king of snitching on himself. For all we know he was bragging about it as the Mar-a-Lago buffet — this chocolate cake is almost as unforgettable as the classified documents in my basement, and it was the perfect crime!”

Trump Has A Long History Of Leaking Classified Info

Trump leaked classified info to ISIS. 

Trump leaked classified info to Iran.

The big one is that Trump invited the Russians into the Oval Office and then leaked classified intelligence to them.

Given this context, it is no surprise that the DOJ raced into action when Trump potentially stole top-secret intelligence about nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump is a walking breach of national security, and it would make total sense if the leaker that Trump was searching for was looking right back at him in the mirror.