Trump wants the Supreme Court to block House Democrats from getting his tax returns, but so far, he has only been given an administrative stay while his request is considered.

SCOTUS Blog tweeted:

Trump wanted a ruling before the Wednesday deadline to block Democrats from getting his tax returns, but that is not going to happen. Since the deadline hasn’t arrived yet, the Supreme Court has given Trump anything.

The administrative stay does mean that Trump may have bought himself a few more days, but if the court declines to hear the case or block the lower court ruling, the former president’s tax returns will be turned over to the House Ways and Means Committee, where Chairman Neal has said that there will be a vote on making the tax returns public.

The Ways and Means Committee has won at the lower court levels in the past. It has already been determined that the committee has a legitimate legislative purpose for requesting Trump’s tax returns.

The odds are heavily against the Supreme Court intervening and bailing Trump out. At some point in the likely near future, Congress will win, the IRS will turn over Trump’s tax returns, and the secrets that he has been hiding will finally be revealed.