Ukraine’s military, staggered in the early days of the war by the brutal fury of Russia’s invasion, has gained footing and begun the arduous task of taking back territory overrun by Russia’s initial onslaught.

A senior Pentagon official this week described Ukrainian resistance as quick and nimble, and, for the first time, seeking to retake ground lost to the Russians. Russian forces remain largely stalled across Ukraine, particularly around the capital of Kyiv, said the official who described intelligence assessments to reporters on condition of anonymity.

The Russian military has lost more than 10% of the combat force sent to invade Ukraine, the official said.

The Ukraine Defense Ministry in recent days claimed to have driven occupying Russian troops out of Makariv – a small Kyiv suburb but crucial because it provides control of a highway to the west. The effort also blocked Russian troops from surrounding Kyiv from the northwest and provided the Ukrainian military with a much-needed success story.

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Meanwhile, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is lobbying for direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the carnage. But he also is rallying Ukrainians to fight on.

“We will fight ’til the end, at sea, in the air,” Zelenskyy said in a recent speech. “We will fight in the forests, in the fields, on the shores, in the streets.”

Zelenskyy continues to plead with the West for help, specifically for the establishment of a “no-fly” zone over his country. The U.S. have responded with a firm no, but President Joe Biden embarks Wednesday on a multi-day trip to Europe starting Wednesday to meet with allies about the ongoing response to Russia’s invasion, including military assistance for Ukraine and new sanctions on Russia.