Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Faces Criticism Due to His Twitter Request Survey

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Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin has received a mixture of backlashes and most insane criticisms of him on Twitter after he requested netizens to share tales of what they’ve seen about him.

Ironically, he was obsessed to see the most unhinged grievance of him in the digital finance space to share with his followers in a form of fun. Before his request, Buterin shared his favorite criticism to kick start the move.

Additionally, Buterin’s first post reportedly provoked the netizens that made over 500 people respond in the first fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, most netizens were in support of Buterin. At press time, the tweet has amassed over 1,200 comments, according to the report. Sarcastically, among the criticisms, one netizen mentioned that Buterin “looks like an alien crackhead.” This statement became one of the conspiracies that hit Buterin hard.

Moreover, Buterin’s father Dmitry revealed an unhinged conspiracy theory that he was a “Russian secret agent and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the creation of Ethereum.”

As mentioned, all of Buterin’s criticisms were not negative. Many of the crypto netizens shared their favorite memes with a wide array of jokes. Best of all, one anonymous user posted a meme of an aged Buterin with a headline from a piece of hypothetical news that reads “Breaking News: Ethereum 2.0 finally ships.” Nonetheless, regardless of the jokes and criticisms, ConsenSys alumnus John Lilic emphasized that Buterin is the face of the crypto space.

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