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Suspect arrested in vicious stabbing attack on SF store owner

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A suspect has been arrested in the vicious stabbing of a beloved 72-year-old San Francisco store owner, who will lose his eye after the attack.

Video Transcript

JR STONE: 72-year-old Petros Yohannes, who goes by Peter, owns the Franklin Market in San Francisco. And while he’s usually smiling, this is what his recovery has looked like after a violent attack last week.

EDWARD LUBIN: When I heard that news I broke down and started crying because of the fact that he’s such a good, genuine, kind, decent man, and the whole community knows him.

JR STONE: And while there have been tears, Peter’s daughter Katerina says they’re trying to remain optimistic despite the fact that her father doesn’t have health insurance and her mother just got diagnosed with breast cancer. Early last Wednesday, someone tried to unsuccessfully break into their store. Hours later, a man who wanted to use the bathroom came running in, pushed Peter, who then tried to pull him out of the store, but was viciously attacked.

KATERINA YOHANNES: My dad isn’t completely aware as to when the weapon was pulled, but the only thing he remembers is feeling a very sharp, sharp pain in his left eye. There were a lot of blows to his head and he’s constantly complaining of these severe headaches.

JR STONE: Katerina confirms her dad was stabbed three times, including once into left eye, and will lose his eye because of that. Peter says this is the attacker caught on a surveillance camera leaving. Police and the DA aren’t commenting, but insiders say there are leads in the case. Katerina says San Francisco has changed and it is heartbreaking to see.

KATERINA YOHANNES: We’re hoping they do find the assailant and get him behind bars as soon as possible because we don’t wish this on anyone else.

JR STONE: JR Stone, ABC 7 News.

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