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Three women under investigation as video of them twerking on police car goes viral

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This incident is now under investigation


A video of three women twerking on a police car that went viral over the weekend has prompted authorities to initiate an investigation, according to media reports.

In footage of a gathering over the weekend, a police vehicle drives through a crowd of people with three women twerking on it. One woman is on the car’s roof and the other two women are on all fours on the hood. The rest of the crowd is filming the car, who is being driven by another person.

The car is adorned with writing on the side, which reads “Chicago Police” and people are spotted in the crowd of people wearing Chicago Bulls merchandise. The date and location of the video is unknown. A version of the video posted to Twitter has garnered more than 500,000 views, 2,300 retweets and 3,400 likes.

The tweet reads, “Looks like the Chicago Police Department’s emphasis on “positive community interactions” is taking off! Great to see!”

Deputy Director of Chicago Tom Ahern told Newsweek that they knew of the video and that an investigation is “currently ongoing”.

There have been other infringements against Chicago police cars recently. Timothy O’Donnell stands charged on a count of arson in Illinois District Court. Due to having an extensive of history of avoiding court’s instructions, he was refused bail on 8 June.

According toThe Chicago Tribune, he was wearing a Joker mask when he set the car alight.

Judge Gabriel A. Fuentes said about his choice to not free Mr O’Donnell, “I’m seeing a repeated and persistent pattern of not abiding by conditions, or at least not abiding by court orders,” said Judge Gabriel A. Fuentes.

Mr O’Donell’s legal counsel also expressed concern for his mental welfare, a request that Judge Fuentes took on board at the hearing

“I will request that the Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Marshal take all necessary steps for defendant getting all medical care that he requires,” Judge Fuentes said.

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