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Xaya Adds Decentralized Gaming to Polygon

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Blockchain gaming platform, Xaya, is set to add decentralized gaming to the Polygon ecosystem. The development is thanks to a new partnership between Polygon and Autonomous Worlds, the power behind Xaya.

Apart from integrating Xaya into Polygon’s Ethereum compatible sidechain, the partnership will also allow Autonomous Worlds to develop games for Polygon. Thus adding to the platform’s existing game selection. As a result, on one hand, Xaya will be able to leverage Polygon’s wide reach and user base. On the other hand, Polygon users will be able to access top-tier gaming on Xaya.

In addition, the deal will re-introduce affordable and scalable gaming in the Ethereum ecosystem. Prior, exorbitant fees, slow speed, and lack of scalability had driven gaming off Ethereum. However, the Xaya framework incr…

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