These Miami sandwiches were named the best in the U.S. Here’s where to find them

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It’s an age-old question: Who makes the best sandwich in the land?

According to food website, two of the best sandwiches in the country are made right here in Miami.

The sandwiches in question? The hot pepper cheesesteak from Batch Gastropub in Miami and the croqueta preparada from Sanguich de Miami in Little Havana.

Mashed writers loved the hot peppers in the Batch creation.

“Brushed with a smear of smoked paprika aioli, piled high with tender shaved ribeye that’s blended with perfectly sautéed onions and pickled hot cherry peppers, and then fused together with gooey white American cheese, Batch’s hot pepper cheesesteak takes the crown for not only the best sandwich on their menu, but arguably one of the best sandwiches in the country. The steak is juicy and exquisite, the bun is light, fresh, and a little crispy, and the pickled hot cherry peppers have just the right amount of heat to shine through all of the richness.” (It’s also available at the Delray Beach location.)

You had us at “pickled hot cherry peppers.”

“With rising costs, approachable dining is such huge part of the current culinary landscape,” said Batch Hospitality Group owner Kevin Danilo. “It feels great to be recognized for creating a simple but elevated dish that guests can afford, enjoy, and know is still made with the Batch commitment to local vendors, quality ingredients, and scratch cooking. “

As for Sanguich de Miami, Mashed couldn’t get enough of the croqueta preparada. Who can, really?

“Stuffed with slices of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, croquettes, pickles, and a brush of mustard on pressed Cuban bread, the croqueta preparada sandwich is a grand slam of flavor,” Mashed gushes. “There’s a lot to appreciate about this sandwich, but the real stroke of genius is the choice to masterfully tuck a few croquettes in between all the unctuous meat, briny pickles, and melted cheese. The outer breading of the crispy croquettes lends an extra layer of texture and crunch to the sandwich that’s sure to have you begging for more with every bite.”

Just a tip: Here in Miami, we call them croquetas. But close enough.

Another South Florida sandwich spot made the list, too: Broward’s beloved Laspada’s Original Hoagies, which has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Coral Springs and Boca Raton. The menu item that caught Mashed’s eye? The aptly-named Monster, with stacked ham, turkey and roast beef on freshly baked Italian bread.

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