Tune in live to watch the 1/6 Committee hearing that will focus on Trump’s efforts to pressure state election officials to overturn the 2020 election results.


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As Rachel Maddow noted on Monday night:

This Georgia stuff, the threats to the workers, the threats to the state workers they needed to make fake fraud, claims change the election results. That is already definitely under criminal investigation. You don’t have to speculate about what might happen if any prosecutor decided to look into that. Prosecutors are looking into that. State prosecutors have empaneled a grand jury that is working and possible charges under state law. 

The matter is reportedly under criminal investigation by the federal Justice Department — as well. They’ve reportedly been interviewing Georgia officials. The pressure on state election officials and election workers, also the forced fake slates of Trump electors that they range from Georgia and six of the states. Those are parts of the Trump plot that we already know are actively under criminal investigation by both federal and state prosecutors working with federal and state grand juries.