A 20-year-old woman in Colorado suffered serious injuries after police put her inside a parked cruiser that was struck by a train in a Denver-area town, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. 

The incident occurred just after 7:30 p.m. Friday when a Platteville, Colorado, police officer pulled over a woman in her car north of Platteville after a road rage incident involving a firearm was reported earlier in the day in the neighboring town of Fort Lupton, per a news release from the CBI, one of several agencies investigating the incident. The woman stopped her car just past the railroad tracks and the officer parked the patrol car behind her on the tracks, CBI said.  

Two Fort Lupton police officers arrived at the scene to conduct a search of the vehicle. They detained the woman on suspicion of felony menacing and placed her in the Platteville patrol car parked on the tracks, according to CBI’s release.

As officers cleared the woman’s vehicle, a train struck the patrol car, with the woman inside. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to CBI’s release. A CBI spokesperson told USA TODAY the woman was still recovering at a hospital Monday and is expected to survive. 

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Platteville Police Chief Carl Dwyer confirmed to USA TODAY via email that the Platteville officer involved in the incident was put on administrative leave while the investigation is completed. Dwyer added that his department has cooperated with the investigation. An inquiry to the the Fort Lupton Police Department was not immediately returned Monday. 

The Fort Lupton Police Department, the Colorado State Patrol and CBI are the investigating agencies.