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Google Glass — which aimed to revolutionize wearable tech — was a ‘carnival of failure’ according to the author of a dishy new book on the early 2010s non-phenom Insider (KW)

How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Helped Fund the Campaign to Overturn Roe The Intercept

NASA’s Juno spacecraft takes closest images of Europa for 20 years New Scientist

Why the Florida Fantasy Withstands Reality The Atlantic (Resilc)

A broken insurance market threatens Florida and its star governor FT (DL)

The New Math of Wrinkling Qanta Magazine

The utopian machine Aeon


New drug has potential to turn SARS-CoV-2 virus against itself (MK)

The Pandemic’s Legacy Is Already Clear The Atlantic

Impaired immune response drives age-dependent severity of COVID-19 JEM (MK)


China drops the gauntlet on NSA’s serial cyberattacks Asia Times (KW)

The Koreas

North Korea fires fourth missile in a week as South flexes military muscle Reuters

Fukushima: Novel Fixes Fail, Waste Dumping Threatens Pacific Ocean CounterPunch


OPINION – 6 reasons US is not really supporting Myanmar’s democratic resistance Anadolu Agency

Thai Court Rules Suspended PM Prayut Can Resume Office Barron’s

India, Brazil Help Stop Chinese Roadblock to AUKUS Supply of N-Powered Submarines to Australia The Wire


Xiaomi India case: FEMA authority confirms ED’s seizure order of ₹5,551.27 crore The Hindu

Arming Armenia: India to export missiles, rockets and ammunition The Economic Times

Bangladesh’s Hilsa Fish Diplomacy The Diplomat


Iran vows to strike back if US destroys more of its drones over Iraq Al-Monitor

Iraq PM condemns Iran attacks on Kurdistan, calls on forces to maintain security Arab News

Iran arrests foreign nationals linked to Mahsa Amini protests France24

Decoding the Pentagon’s online war against Iran The Cradle

Lebanon to shift to new official lira-to-dollar exchange rate Al-Monitor

Somalia: Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drones join offensive against al-Shabab Middle East Eye

Israel Election: The War in Ukraine Is Barely Mentioned in the Battle for Russian-speaking Voters Haaretz

Burkina Faso coup: Gunshots in capital and roads blocked BBC

Montenegro parliament rejects president’s request to dissolve parliament Anadolu Agency

European Disunion

Minister: Greece can defend islands despite Turkey’s threats ABC News

Groundhog Day: It’s another Bulgarian election Politico

Swiss electricity savings drive slow out of the blocks SwissInfo

Revealed: the secret British plan to keep Italy’s communists from power The Guardian

Old Blighty

Kwasi Kwarteng ‘attended champagne party with financiers on mini-budget day’ The Guardian (KW)

Two senior Truss aides were paid through Mark Fullbrook’s lobbying firm The Sunday Times

UK Cost-of-living Protests As Tories Defend Contentious Tax-cut Plans Barron’s

What is Nigel Farage doing in Australia? The Saturday Paper

Apropos of nothing, US intel wants to improve low-dose radiation detection The Register

New Not-So-Cold War

Russia withdraws its troops from a key city encircled by Ukrainian forces NPR

Russia vetoes Security Council resolution condemning attempted annexation of Ukraine regions UN News

Russia Detains Head of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Time

Attacks Expose Vulnerability of European Infrastructure Der Spiegel (Resilc)

Deliveries of Russian gas via Austria suspended, Gazprom seeks to resolve issue TASS

The EU will try a ‘price corridor’ to rein in surging energy costs after talks to cap gas prices ended without an agreement Insider

Pentagon Plans to Set Up a New Command to Arm Ukraine, Officials Say NYT

‘Baltic friends’ would welcome Ukraine’s accession to NATO ERR

Parliament rejects unilateral Swiss sanctions SwissInfo

Putin annexations mean US-Russian talks more critical than ever Responsible Statecraft (Resilc)

The Narrative That This War Was “Unprovoked” Prevents Peace Caitlin Johnstone

How Russians living in Ukraine are being turned into illegal immigrants DW

Venezuela releases 7 jailed Americans; US frees 2 prisoners Al Jazeera

Jail warden and brother charged in roadside shooting of Mexican migrants WaPo


Democrats worry polls showing them as Senate favorites are wrong The Hill

What all that stealing says about America Yahoo (KW)

State Governments Are Colluding With Billionaires to Shield Their Wealth From Taxation Jacobin


For Obama, One Trump Term Wasn’t a Big Worry, but ‘Eight Years Would Be a Problem’ Bloomberg

Records From Trump White House Still Missing, National Archives Says NYT

Ex-eBay execs jailed for cyberstalking web critics The Register

The Bezzle

Tesla robot walks, waves, but doesn’t show off complex tasks AP (Resilc)

Class Warfare

Train strike: Worst rail disruption of year as workers walk out BBC

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