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Corruption at the Top of the SEC Runs Deep, Former Director Hinman Went Against SEC Ethics Attorney’s Directives to Make Millions for Himself and China

Gary Gensler is the current head of the SEC.  He was formerly Hillary’s campaign CFO and is tied into the Durham investigation.  The former Director of Corporate Finance of the SEC under then Director Jay Clayton,  Bill Hinman, was involved in what are now considered criminal activities related to cryptocurrency activities with China. 

These people are above the law.  No agency is safe.  They all seem to take advantage of their positions to make money and stomp on the little people.

TGP noted previously that Genzler the current head of the SEC was Hillary’s attorney when millions of dollars were flowing and with some paying for the Trump-Russia lie.  It is difficult to believe that Hillary’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) didn’t know about the millions leaving her campaign related to a Trump-Russia lie.

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